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Marble Countertops in Nashville TN

Marble countertops in Nashville, Tennessee can add gorgeous luxury and stunning aesthetics to any space in your home. This natural stone offers truly one-of-a-kind designs to your space that can accentuate other features or serve as the showpiece of the room. If you are updating or remodeling your kitchen, bath, or any other space in your  home, consider marble countertops in Nashville, TN!

What is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock found naturally all around the world. This stone is formed from crystallized limestone and recrystallized carbon. There are a number of variations that can be found in marble stones, giving each stone its stunning presence and unique aesthetics. The color and veining in each slab are determined by the various minerals present during formation.

It's important to note that marble will need a moderate to high level of maintenance. Routine applications of a high-quality sealant and regular cleaning will help protect this investment in your home. Acidic materials like coffee, alcohol, soda, and citrus should be promptly cleaned from marble surfaces to prevent any etching in your marble countertops in Nashville.



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Why Choose Marble Countertops?

Marble countertops in Nashville, TN will offer your space a truly unique, one-of-a-kind luxurious look and feel. Your natural stone countertops will bring an unsurpassed beauty to any space in your home. With proper care and maintenance, marble countertops in Nashville offer homeowners unparalleled performance and added value to your home.

These natural stone countertops can accentuate any design style, from modern to contemporary and classic. Adding immeasurable value and superior performance, you'll never need to replace your marble countertops in Nashville unless you simply want to. If you ever decide to sell your home, these luxurious stones will help your home stand out in a crowded market, helping you to see the most return on your investment.

More Reasons to Consider Marble

Marble countertops in Nashville, Tennessee are the choice for those who share a passion for cooking and baking. Marble's composition and natural resistance to heat make this natural stone the perfect material for doughs! With the proper care and maintenance, your gorgeous new countertops will maintain impressive durability that lasts for decades.

Marble Colors

Marble can be found in a wide variety of colors with a palette that's bold and plentiful. No matter what style, design, or personal taste you may have, there is a color to be found that can blend perfectly with your vision for your home. From creamy white to soft orange and pink, your options for Nashville marble countertops are simply limitless.

Coloring will vary depending on the region your slab originates from. Here's a list of just some of the most popular varieties of marble, the colors they are known for, and the regions they come from:

  • Ruskeala - White, from Russia
  • Carrara - White of Blue-Grey, from Italy
  • Connemara - Green, from Ireland
  • Vermont White - White, from Vermont, USA
  • Etowah - Pink, Salmon, or Rose, from Georgia, USA
  • Makrana - White, from India
  • Parian - Very White, from Greece
  • Purbeck - Grey-Brown, from the United Kingdom
  • Creole - White or Blue/Black, from Georgia, USA
  • Wunsiedel - White, from Germany
  • Murphy - White, from the USA
  • Swedish Green - Green, from Sweden
  • Sienna - Yellow with varied veins, from Italy

Each quarry will produce natural stones that are completely unique in their appearance. This is because these quarries around the world vary in the size of grains and in the amount of veining that occurs during formation. Fine-grained marble in Nashville, Tennessee will be more consistent in coloration, while heavier grains will produce more variation within a single marble slab.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Nashville, Tennessee marble can bring a sleek, sophisticated, upscale feel to your  kitchens, both indoor and out! Marble countertops offer an unrivaled beauty that simply cannot be replicated. These natural stone countertops in Nashville will add luxury and sophistication to your kitchen while adding value to your home.

Marble Bathroom Countertops

Due to the composition, marble is a softer stone, which makes it more prone to scratching than other natural stones. Because of this, marble may be better suited for your bathroom vanities and countertops. These surfaces won't see the level of activity that can potentially damage your marble surface, like in your kitchen. You can choose from several premium finishes for your marble bathroom countertops in Nashville, Tennessee to give them a personal touch of style with a sleek, sophisticated look and feel.

Getting Started

Getting started on the kitchen or bath of your dreams is easier than ever with our simple 5-step process. Through our experiences with marble countertops in Nashville, Tennessee, we've learned a thing or two! Our process was strategically designed to make your project stress-free. Here's how:

  1. Contact Us - Simply provide the details of your project so that we can personally assign you a Design Specialist. You'll get an estimate for your Nashville marble countertop project within 24 hours after you contact us. Your Specialist will work with you for the duration of your project and serve as your single point of contact for a more personalized experience.
  2. Choose Your Stone - Your Design Specialist will guide you through the selection process, taking as much time as you need, helping you to choose the perfect stone and edging for your project. Our Visualizer Tools can help you see exactly how a particular stone will look in your space.
  3. Schedule Your Templating  - Our experts will visit your space and meticulously measure everything. You can expect fully installed and functional marble countertops in Nashville within 5-7 business days after your templates are made, guaranteed.
  4. Stone Fabrication - This is when we fabricate your stone and edges. After cutting, your stone will pass through several quality inspections before being approved for installation. Our fabrication process for marble countertops in Nashville, Tennessee has one of the quickest turnarounds compared to our competitors.
  5. Installation - Our expert installation team  will arrive on-time and install your gorgeous new marble countertops in Nashville, Tennessee, professionally and efficiently with as little inconvenience as possible.

We know what a stressful experience a poorly-run remodeling project can be. That's why we remain committed to using our knowledge and expertise to help you throughout the entire project. Granite Empire and our entire staff are eager to share our passion and help you to turn the kitchen or bath of your dreams into a reality with gorgeous marble countertops in Nashville!


Contact Granite Empire, or simply stop by our showroom, and speak with one of our friendly professional specialists today. We can't wait to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about quartz, granite, and marble countertops in Nashville, Tennessee . We can also schedule your no-cost, no obligation marble countertops consultation today and help get you started on your new dream space today!

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Granite Countertops

Granite countertops in Nashville, Tennessee offer a truly unique appearance with superior performance that will continue to meet the demands of discerning homeowners. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns - you are sure to find the perfect look for your dream space. Turn your home into a masterpiece with granite countertops in Nashville. Upgrading your kitchen or bathroom with granite countertops add a timeless style with unparalleled day to day performance.

Marble Countertops

Marble countertops in Nashville make an excellent choice for kitchens, baths, and outdoor spaces to add a luxurious look and feel to your home. Cultured marble countertops in Nashville are easy to protect from damages and offer a rich and sophisticated look with impressive performance to any space in your home. Marble countertops in Nashville can complement any design style from contemporary and modern to classic and sophisticated with ease. The possibilities are simply endless, allowing you to create a cohesive, gorgeous space with marble countertops in your home.

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Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops in Nashville offers a natural appeal to any space in your Tennessee home. Quartz provides superior performance, low maintenance, and the ability to compliment any style, design, and existing decor. Quartz countertops offer a wide array of colors and textures, giving your countertops in Nashville a truly unique appearance - enhancing both day to day living, as well as, the value of your home. Quartz countertops can create a luxurious, awe-inspiring look and feel to any room while showcasing your unique style.

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